LINKS <keep clicking here and you will know everything there could be found online about Salem and Witchcraft

Punishments in Colonies <<Extremely interesting

New York Times Article by Arthur Miller

^^ He was just beginning to write The Crucible. Here is his inspirational tale of how the character's lives gripped him. (use your Cougar Net login to see NYTimes)

Arthur Miller's article "Why I wrote The Crucible" - The New Yorker

THE FACTS by historian, Margo Burns

All of the actual witchcraft trials Find your Character's name in either Volume I, II, or III and find out what actually went down. (Names are in alphabetical order)

Fun Drinking Facts! (Did the Puritans approve? YES!)

Interactive Historical Map of Salem! Click on the city "Danvers" to see 1692 Salem characters

Interactive Witchcraft Accusations Map!

More Witch Trial World information

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